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Managing Your Stress with self hypnosis

  • Are you overwhelmed with your life style?
  • Are you stressed, worrying about your future?
  • Are you doing very little activity?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed at maybe doing anything?
  • Are you not relaxing enough to reduce your stress and wishing you could be totally/more relaxed?
  • Are you frustrated being a prisoner of your mind?
  • Are you having problems with details and decisions, things to do, places to be, folks to tend to?
  • Is your stress levels stirring your relationships, success, quality of life and your health/well-being?
  • Is being stressed causing more stress?

How stress affects your brain

At Green Willow Self Hypnosis, our program will assist in reducing your stress levels. The program results into the enhanced fulfilling, enjoying, relaxing life style you deserve. It is our opinion that the self hypnosis stress program is the ultimate relaxation method available.

How to stay calm when you know you'll be stressed

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Through hypnosis I have learned to let go of past frustrations with relationships and work which were cluttering my present emotional state. I have learned to be a positive person. I feel attractive, successful and ambitious. I feel less tired and have more time for family. I am moving forward to a better quality of life. *
Shawn Guenther Collections Rep. **
When I came here for help, I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere. I was scared of people and places and had much stress. After going through this program, I feel wonderful. I have confidence in myself, and I have achieved some goals that I needed to get back in the real world. Most of all I can relax and be calm in stressful situations. *
Jean Walter, Restaurant Owner **
I really enjoyed the hypnosis program. I feel so relaxed and worry free. I have learned how to realize the difference between things that should cause me stress and things that I can learn to forget and not worry about. This has been a learning experience. *
Jason J. Wald, Computer Technician **